How to arrange an empty wall in the office?

Minimalist interiors have crept not only into apartments but also into offices. More and more often, interior designers decide to use less furniture at the expense of more interesting and designer decorations. What to do with an empty wall in the office? How to develop it?
The place where you work should be primarily functional. It is worth arranging them in such a way that the appearance fits the entire concept and subject of the company. If you work in a company that, for example, produces upholstered furniture - you will certainly be able to rest on a sofa at the reception desk, which was made in the studio. And if you are part of a publishing house - surely there are plenty of bookcases and shelves available for you to find books from this publisher. We wrote about the furnishings of the office in a separate entry, which you can find here: Arrangement of a modern office - what is worth remembering?
How to plan wall arrangements?
Regardless of whether you are furnishing your own apartment or office - the wall decorations are left to the very end. Why? Because the walls are the part that should fit in with the entire interior, not the other way around. Rarely do you arrange the walls first, and then select furniture, floors or create the entire concept of dividing an office space called open space.
By leaving decorating your wall last, there's plenty of inspiration and a whole host of possibilities. It is worth remembering about the arrangement of the interior as a comprehensive space, and the wall should only complement the entire. Decorating a blank wall will never come first - the exception is an art gallery, where paintings will be the main product.
How to arrange an empty wall in the office?
There are many ideas and ways to arrange an empty wall in the office. It all depends on what kind of office we are dealing with. If it's a large, open space with a huge, blank wall, why not put up some glamorous graffiti? It is a bold proposition, but it will surely delight and catch the eye of many guests or clients who will visit the office.
The idea for wall decoration in the form of graffiti will definitely work in loft spaces, decorated in a modern way with an artistic flair. It can be found especially in corporations whose arrangements refer to the company's branches from other countries. Thanks to this styling of the space, you will achieve a unique and one-of-a-kind character that will interest many people.
When thinking about graffiti, you can also involve employees to create their own graphics on the wall. Undoubtedly, this undertaking requires courage, because not every employee is characterized by painting skills and abilities. However, when such an idea will appeal to many people, it can turn into a real work of art.
Another interesting idea for arranging an empty wall in an office is a world map on the wall. Why is it a good choice for arranging office space? The map fits a variety of styles and many rooms. It will work well in the office reception, where the most activity is in every company. It will be a perfect decorative addition to an open space, and will also work well in a conference room where guests are invited and the most important talks take place.

wooden world map in the office

The world map is made of high-quality impregnated birchwood. You can choose from 17 color sets, but it is also possible to create individual colors on request. Different language versions, three basic map sizes, and a lot of accessories in the form of a compass, ships, or planes will make the map a perfect decorative addition to any office.
You can involve employees to mount the map because the kit includes all the necessary accessories. And when the map is hanging on the wall - you can organize a challenge among employees that everyone should mark the most interesting place they have visited or mark the country they would like to fly to. It will be possible thanks to the attached thumbtacks, and employees in the company will certainly be happy to get involved in the challenge.